Jun 19, 2009

Bhopal English

Central Chronicle reports:
"Hearing the name of Mrignayni all think of wonderful dress collection in the heart because all know that if people want to look different from crowd then would go for Mrignayni where they can get all suitable matching clothes. However at GTB Complex located Mrignayni various types of sales are frequently organised for the people. In proceeding this sequence this time at this Emporium Kurta show is being organised."

The unbeatable English language of this note worthy news paper from Bhopal is being seriously challenged in recent times. Check this one from Mysore (link Churmuri)

Or this person in Rediff:
"i thoughted that he is a good persun and his name telling that he is shiney persun. All pepuls are spradening baddy things about him. No oned talkied about shakeete kapeur and guldshand geiver"
With the world catching up with our English, we demand that our English should be immediately patented.

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