Aug 20, 2012

A case for better tomorrow

Recently a prominent academician of Bhopal asked what should be done about the complaint of industry that the students being provided for a job are not suitable and it is extremely difficult to find suitable candidates for any given position, the reference point being IT /ITES sector. We discussed briefly about the mushrooming of an industry around this need called “Finishing school” and their providing of services like polishing the presentation of the candidate. The discussion then veered towards different topic.

However, what could be the way out? This is a serious issue facing the nation and I am sure there are fine intellectuals who are pondering over this issue. Here is my two pennies worth opinion about the same

Today we teach modern technology subjects using basically the same same technology as this 14th century classroom in the painting below. Note the textbook the teacher on the stage and the sleeping guy in the back.

The modern technologies available to us today should be utilized better.

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